Consent for Electronic Signatures, Records, Disclosures, Communication

Prior to engaging in any electronic business transactions or submitting information via our website, it is crucial to thoroughly read and comprehend the following details. By accepting the terms outlined on the website and submitting your details through our digital form, you acknowledge that you have read this advisory and understand how to execute transactions, communicate, and use the services on our platform. This includes requesting a match with a lending institution and further online collaboration with loan providers. Once paired with a lender, you will need to provide your electronic consent (e-consent) to utilize electronic signatures and accept electronic records, disclosures, and communication to receive the services and products you have shown interest in.

Physical Copies

You have the right to request printed copies of disclosures and other legal notices for your records without incurring any charges. This request should be directed to the relevant lender, as entities are permitted to maintain physical copies of legal documents as per the conditions and provisions of the applicable law.

Scope of Consent

All forms of communication, including but not limited to online interactions through mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets, fall under electronic communication. E-consent comes into play when you communicate electronically with a third-party lender, which includes the aforementioned means. Providing e-consent indicates that your data may be electronically collected and processed, transactions can be conducted digitally, and documents may be electronically signed and stored. Your lender may also send you digital notifications, such as reports, disclosures, and links to other third-party or lender websites and online services.

By providing e-consent, you affirm that the above-mentioned electronic communication holds the same legal weight as communication via physical documentation.

Please note: Engaging in business electronically assumes that all parties involved possess the necessary hardware and software. Prior to providing your e-consent, verify that your facilities meet the requirements for the transactions and operations you need to perform electronically. Basic requirements include a PC or MAC compatible computer or another internet-capable device, an email account, a browser that supports 128-bit encryption such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Netscape® or Mozilla Firefox®, and a PDF reader like Adobe® Acrobat Reader X ® or Foxit®. Bear in mind that specific transactions may necessitate additional facilities. For further details on necessary facilities, contact your lender.

Revoking Consent

Since e-consent for our matching service and the processing of your information by our lenders occurs once, it cannot be withdrawn. However, once you're paired with a third-party lender, you can revoke your consent at any time without charge by submitting the appropriate request. Keep in mind that revoking your e-consent might prevent the lender from offering you a loan or credit product. It's also important to note that revoking your e-consent does not affect the legal effectiveness, validity, or enforceability of previous electronic disclosures. To learn more about these procedures, reach out to your lender directly. If any of your information changes (such as your electronic or mailing address), it's recommended to notify your lender as soon as possible to keep your records updated.

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